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Desktops, laptops, tablets, monitors, parts, and more.

All our computers are checked, cleaned, and tested with professional software.

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Remote service : fix your

computer without being there

This highly secure process saves
considerable time and money, yet you
are assured of the highest level of
efficiency and professional service.


Thousands of new and used

products in stock

Desktops, laptops, tablets, monitors, parts, and more.

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Ordi Occasion

Ordi Occasion/Ordi9 is much more than your average computer company.

Whether you are looking for a new or top-quality used computer, we have everything you need at the best possible prices - guaranteed!

Our unique expertise and high availability ensures you receive unsurpassed service should you experience any problems with your computer software or hardware.

Computer problems?

You're in safe hands! The Ordi Occasion/Ordi9 team are always ready to give you the helping hand you need so that you can get back to your online activities with as little disruption as possible. Our highly experienced technicians can repair all makes and models of laptop or desktop computers, regardless of the source of the problem, i.e. software, hardware, network, or virus.

Ordi Occasion/Ordi9 is...

  • A team of professional technicians at your disposal;
  • Fast, efficient, and courteous service;
  • Used computers, carefully assembled and tested in our workshop;
  • New parts and computers of all makes;
  • Competitive prices;
  • An eco-friendly company.

A guarantee of a job well done.


In keeping with its commitment to stay environmentally conscious, Ordi Occasion/Ordi9 salvages old computers and electronic parts and gives them new life!

If you are looking for honest, accessible, and professional computer assistance, give us a call!